It's better that bits of paper, Post-its, notebook scribblings…

  • And so it begins

    BWV988 BWV565 CNNDrudge ReportNBC10 NewsHackernewsSlashdot NBC10 WeatherWeather (Philadelhphia) Arxiv Radio Garden DGM LiveDark SharkBig Electric Cat Guitar Moderne Tech Bargains Estate Sales Every Noise Oblique Strategies AphorismsLet The Power Fall Bored. Vincent That guy on the right. He nearly got me kicked out of the NGA. Interesting001Interesting002 El Giraldillo Rick Ideo Legalese Reaction Plain Where… Continue reading

  • King Crimson Stuff

    DGMLive: The best, official website for all things KC. But be warned, it is very deep IF you will permit yourself to explore it. Consider: Not the “official” KC website, but it has a lot of stuff from the deep past. Miscellaneous and growing: As always, more to come. Continue reading

  • Note taking, Post-It Notes, Journals…Nope This Guy Gets It!

    Just permit yourself to explore…follow his links, read and think: And then I digress…Reminds me of MaxThink. 1984. Hypertext. This thing called “The Web”. DOS. What you may ask? I’d suggest that you read and learn: More on MaxThink, The Web and Hypertext later. Continue reading

  • Gatekeepers, Constraints and The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever!!!

    Radio. Some remember listening to it while others may be a bit confused…such ancient technology with no control over the content…are you kidding! In the past, a band’s song was limited to n minutes of play time max on the radio. Had a 6 minute epic? Not on radio baby! The solution was to edit… Continue reading