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Gatekeepers, Constraints and The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever!!!

Radio. Some remember listening to it while others may be a bit confused…such ancient technology with no control over the content…are you kidding!

In the past, a band’s song was limited to n minutes of play time max on the radio. Had a 6 minute epic? Not on radio baby! The solution was to edit the song down to the magical 3-4 minutes (a.k.a. radio edit…and it fits oh so nicely on a “single (a.k.a 45)”). But what about being true to the artists creation? Sorry kid, if you want to get your “creation” out to the masses and maybe a shot at superstardom, radio was it. And controlling radio, you had gatekeepers. The DJs (Payola?), the owners of the radio stations, the Record Companies, The Business. The band…good luck.

Now what about “The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever”?

Hear it is:

Uh what? Ok, pretty good but GREATEST?

Oh right, that’s because of the “gatekeepers” (you conspiracy theorist you!)! Unfortunately, most people who have ever heard of this song only have heard the “radio” version of it or so I claim.

Hear’s the full version:

But wait, some may say, there must be some studio trickery involved!

Let’s go “naked”!

Or this:

Go “naked” 😱 = Not “hide” behind studio techniques, overdubbing, editing and even some “forgiving” guitar effects (fuzz (thanks Brian!) and reverb I’m looking at you!)